Boutique Hotel in Tel – Food in Israel, and especially breakfast, is an extremely important issue and is treated with respect in this Tel Aviv hotel. 

At BY14 Hotel you will find the best of the classic Israeli breakfast, plenty and freshness and a great atmosphere.


Breakfast for kings, opulence and freshness without compromise. The dining room at BY14  has been completely renovated and redesigned. The BY14 Hotel serves a very high quality and rich breakfast. You will find at breakfast: fresh breads and pastries, a wide selection of cheeses and dairy products, various types of eggs, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, salads, spreads and more
A selection of delicious desserts, types of juices, hot drinks of any kind.

Lobby corner offers all day free refreshments – Espresso, cappuccino, hot tea or hot chocolate are served 24/7, a selection of cookies and pastries next to the hot drink as well.