Running Tel Aviv

Running Tel Aviv

Running Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a lively, dynamic city. It is Israel’s financial center and has a lot to offer both its inhabitants as well as visitors. Tel Aviv has earned a well deserved reputation for being packed with attractions of many different kinds. There is something for everyone in Tel Aviv, runners included. If you enjoy running and are visiting Tel Aviv you will have no trouble finding routes you will enjoy using.

The Promenade and Beaches

There are many hotels in Tel Aviv near the beach. Anyone staying in the best Tel Aviv hotels enjoys easy access to the 8km promenade along the beach front.
If you plan on using the promenade as a running Tel Aviv route it is best to start your day early and run south and back north again all before 0700. Later on in the day the promenade is busy with pedestrians.

Many Tel Aviv hotels, though not right on the beach, are close to the sea. This means that you can start your jog along a city street or two and then enjoy running on the beach most of the way. Jogging along a sandy beach is something any runner should tryout, there is a stretch near the waterline where the sand is just hard enough to support your body weight but still softer than any other surface you’ve run on before. Running so close to the water has its downside. Don’t take it too hard if you get your running shoes wet.

Tel Aviv Beach Guide

Yarkon Park

Park HaYarkon stretches along both banks of the Yarkon river where it flows through Tel Aviv. There are many paths in the park which make good running routes. If you’re looking for longer distance you can plan an eight mile triangular route between Tel Aviv University, Yarkon Park and Tel Aviv’s old port.
The rock garden at the eastern end of Yarkon Park is spectacular. It is one of the largest rock parks in the world. At the western end of the park there is a sports center with a 45 foot high climbing wall, rollerblading courts, trampolines and much more. If your accommodations in Tel Aviv are close enough to Yarkon park you’re all set for running routes.

Running in the City Itself

Whether as a way to sightsee the city or as a daily running route, it is possible to run along several main streets in Tel Aviv. If you are a runner and are staying in a boutique hotel Tel Aviv or any one of the hotels in Tel Aviv near the beach you can easily enjoy the 2 mile stretch along Rothschild Blvd. Running all the way to Sderot Chen and back gives you a 4 mile route.
Other routes right in the heart of the city may be near Rabin square (named after Yitzhak Rabin, Israel’s prime minister who was tragically assassinated at the northern end of this square in 1995 after addressing a huge crowd at a gathering supporting peace).

Just Outside the City

You may have looked for accommodation Tel Aviv and have chosen to stay at a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv or in any of the hotels in Tel Aviv near the beach. This does not mean that you must restrict yourself to running routes in the city itself. Running in Ramat Gan park is a refreshing experience, the city of Herzelia, just to the north of Tel Aviv, has a large Marina and nice streets close to the sea which are perfect for running.
You can also head out to Ben Shemen forest, half way between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where you can jog along paths in the shade of pine trees.

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