tel-aviv attractions
tel-aviv attractions

tel-aviv attractions

Tel Aviv Top Museums and Tourist Attractions

Considering that Tel Aviv is Israel’s main metropolis it is surprisingly small. Half a million people live in Tel Aviv, a city spread over an area of about 50 square kilometers (in comparison, New York’s population is over 8.5 million and its land area is almost 800 square kilometers).
Despite its humble size and population anyone visiting Tel Aviv may easily find themselves having a hard time deciding where to go and what to do,  this is because Tel Aviv is filled to the brim with attractions. We’ve gathered for you a list of things to do and places you should not miss out on when visiting Tel Aviv, including several museums, parks, unique neighborhoods, markets and more.

Whether  you’re staying in one of Tel Aviv’s beach side hotels, a boutique hotel such as the Savoy, BY14 or any other, it is easy to get out and about. Some attractions may be just a short walk away, visiting others may require hopping on a public bus or hailing a cab, there are also city bicycles for hire but no subway (although a new mass transport system is being built).

Art and Culture

There are several fascinating art museums in Tel Aviv. The most well known one is “the Tel Aviv Museum of Art” considered by many to be one of the world’s leading modern art museums. This museum is home to works by both Israeli and foreign contemporary artists, it is situated in the middle of the city and features a new wing which in itself is an architectural masterpiece (the Herta and Paul Amir building).

The Reuven Rubin museum is a must for anyone holding this great artist in high regard. Works by many other genius painters are also on display there. The Bialik museum is in close proximity, at the very house where Bialik, Israel’s national poet, lived. Here you can gain insight into life in Tel Aviv as it was decades before the state of Israel was formed. A time when there were no boutique nor beach hotels  in Tel Aviv.

Beit Hatfutsot is a fascinating museum located within the Tel Aviv University campus. Here Jewish life is chronicled over thousands of years and across the globe. Eretz Israel Museum (the museum of the land of Israel) is near, here you’ll find plenty of archeology as well as history and even a planetarium.

Art Museum2 300x225 Tel Aviv AttractionsDesign and Architecture

Tel Aviv is recognized by UNESCO as “the white city” a world heritage site featuring unique “Bauhaus” architecture. The Bauhaus museum  is a great place to get to know this architectural style, its origins and development. After visiting this museum you’ll better appreciate Bauhaus style buildings you’ll come across while walking the streets. Some boutique hotels in Tel Aviv occupy such buildings.

The Holon Design Museum is located just outside Tel Aviv in the city of Holon. The museum building itself is an architectural masterpiece and in it are rotating design related exhibitions.

Parks and Markets

Some of Tel Aviv’s best attraction are free. Such is Park Hayarkon, stretching along both banks of Hayarkon river, park hahurshot with numerous playgrounds, Gan Meir (named after Tel Aviv’s first mayor) and several other parks spread across the city. Don’t miss out on visiting authentic, lovely neighborhoods such as Neve Tzedek, old Jaffa (one of the world’s oldest cities), the old port, Nachalat Binyamin art market, Sarona food market, the flea market and Caramel market .

A walk along Tel Aviv’s seaside promenade is a must. Stretching along Tel Aviv’s lovely, inviting sandy beaches there are numerous cafes to stop at. Many beach hotels in Tel Aviv are located at the northerly tip of the promenade, as is the lovely marina.

The above mentioned attractions are just the tip of the iceberg. At any hotel in Tel Aviv  you’ll find brochures and magazines you can use to learn more about places to visit in Tel Aviv. Israelis are friendly and many speak fairly good English so don’t hesitate to ask locals you meet for advice on how to spend your time.

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