Tel Aviv Beach Guide

Tel Aviv Beach Guide

Tel Aviv Beach Guide

One of Tel Aviv’s main attractions is its 10 km plus coastal strip where the waters of the Mediterranean caress white sandy beaches. Tel Aviv beach promenade stretches along some of the most popular beaches. Several beach hotels in Tel Aviv have exits right onto the sand and most boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, the Savoy included, are located just across the road from the beach. In the following paragraphs you’ll find short descriptions of Tel Aviv’s beaches starting from the most northerly.

Main Tel Aviv beaches

  • Hatzuk beach
  • Tel Baruch beach
  • Metzizim beach
  • Nordau beach
  • Hilton beach
  • Gordon beach
  • Frishman beach
  • Bograshov beach
  • Jerusalem beach
  • Aviv beach
  • Chares Clore beach
  • Ajami beach

At every public beach in Tel Aviv there are facilities such as lifeguards (who’s working hours vary according to season of the year), changing rooms, showers, beach chair and beach umbrella rental, lockers, snack bars, cafes and surely great views. Thanks to this, even if your hotel in Tel Aviv is nowhere near the sea, you can easily and pleasantly spend several hours or even a whole day at the great beach. Still, if you plan to hit the beaches regularly,  work on your tan etc. opting for a boutique hotel that’s near the sea is a good idea, in this respect both the BY14 and the Savoy are excellent choices.

Northerly Beaches

The four most northerly beaches in Tel Aviv are “Hatzuk” beach (the cliff beach), “Tel Baruch” beach, “Metzitzim” beach (peeping toms beach) and Nordau beach.
As its name suggests “Hatzuk” beach is less suitable for families, it is popular among Tel Aviv’s young adult population. The entrance fee is well worth the clean sand, well kept lawns, shaded pavilions and sport facilities.

“Tel Baruch” Beach lays beneath an impressive sandstone ridge. A sunken ship marks this beach’s southern border. A promenade leads from this beach  to the old port and a bridge over the Yarkon river. There are beach volleyball courts, an area for dogs to run free and water sport centers for surfing, kayaking, kite surfing and  windsurfing.

“Metzitzim” beach is well known in Israel thanks to a legendary film from the 1970’s where much of the action takes place on this beach. This is why It may become quite busy and is visited by many local celebs.

The last of the four northerly beaches is “Nordau” beach, a sex-segregated beach designed to allow religious people to spend time at the sea in modesty and away from the opposite sex. Women only days are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, only men may enter Nordau beach on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Saturdays Nordau beach is open to all.

Hilton Beach

Perhaps the most well known beach hotel in Tel Aviv, the Hilton rises adjacent to the beach named after it. A breakwater keeps the water in this beach relatively calm even on days when surf is high. The area just south of the breakwater is great for learning how to surf, there is a surf club you can rent a surf board from and even take lessons.

Gordon Beach

Gordon beach is considered to be the most fabulous in Tel Aviv. The sand here is especially white, many tourists flock to it from beach hotels all around.
There are snack bars and the Gordon cafe. You may decide to join a Pilates workout or a folk dancing meet (every Saturday at 8pm).

Frishman and Bograshov beaches

These two similar beaches are at the center of Tel Aviv’s coastal strip. They are urban beaches visited by many tourists, there are cafes which come right up to the waterline and all the facilities you can wish for.

Jerusalem Beach

If you’re fond of paddle ball this is the beach for you, if not, you should probably keep away. This beach is located near the opera house which means the benefit of a convenient parking lot. In the water there is an area allocated for kite surfing.

Southern Beaches

The four beaches at the south end of Tel Aviv’s coastal strip are “Aviv” beach, “Chares Clore” beach (stretching from the abandoned dolphinarium all the way to Jaffa) and “Ajami” beach, the least organized beach in the city. These beaches are close to several boutique hotels in Tel Aviv but are also easily accessible to any who reside further away via the promenade.Bograshov beach

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