tel-aviv markets

tel-aviv markets

Tel Aviv’s Most Exciting Markets

There are numerous markets in Tel Aviv, both indoor and outdoor ones. There are street Tel Aviv markets, flea markets, produce markets, food court markets and bustling art markets.
There are also markets which offer a fresh mix between two or more of the classic market stereotypes listed above.
Many hotels in Tel Aviv are situated within walking distance from one or more of the city’s main markets. No stay in Tel Aviv is complete without visiting some markets, for sightseeing as well as for actually buying things you need or want. Another good reason to visit a particular market is culinary, market street food is authentic and sure to set your taste buds tingling, there are also some very well known restaurants situated in or near a market.

If you’re visiting Tel Aviv, if you’re staying in one of Tel Aviv’s beach hotels or a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, don’t miss out on this city’s spectacular markets. We’ve gathered for you a list of markets well worth visiting.

Shuk HaCarmel

“Shuk” in Hebrew simply means “market”, therefore “Shuk Hacarmel” means market of the Carmel (Israel’s famous coastal mountain range overlooking Haifa bay).  This market’s name was given to it simply because it is situated right on Tel Aviv’s HaCarmel street.
A wide variety of goods are to be bought at Carmel market, fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, knock-off sunglasses, sweets, spices, olives, halva and other middle eastern delicacies.
Haggling is only to be expected so go ahead and try to get the best price you can for the items you wish to buy.

Levinsky Market

Shuk Levinsky is situated in Tel Aviv’s lovely Florentine neighborhood. Some boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are to be found in its vicinity. This market consists of small shops lining levinsky street. Your senses will begin to be stimulated with the smell of spices even before you catch sight of the first store. This is a  genuine, local market, you’ll see people shopping for groceries  as well as for dried fruits and nuts, fresh spices, sweets and other delicacies. Be sure to eat at one of the bourekas stands and drink some freshly squeezed fruit juice.

The Jaffa Flea Market

The flea market located right on the border between Tel Aviv and Jaffa is Israel’s most well known flea market (Shuk Hapishpeshim, in Hebrew). This market has an indoor as well as an outdoor area, it is the perfect place to shop for second hand stuff and antiques but there are also jewelry shops as well as shops where hip designers sell the clothes they create.

Nachalat Binyamin Market 300x225 Tel Aviv MarketsSarona Market

Sarona market offers an altogether different experience than the rest of Tel Aviv markets. This is a well designed  modern market with an extensive food court, there’s a playground for children and even grass lawns to picnic on.
It’s a bit far to walk to Sarona market from most boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, both the Savoy and BY14 included. Don’t let this fact stop you from visiting this unique market, it’s easy to get there by public bus or by cab, you can also use a “green bike” (Tel Aviv’s city bicycles for rent by the hour).

Hatachana Compound

An old train station (Tachana means station in Hebrew) was converted into an area offering a unique, urban shopping experience. There are shops as well as stalls and booths, many little food houses, restaurants and cafes. Hatachana compound in just across the street from Tel Aviv’s southern Banana beach. You can’t miss it if you walk from where the big beach hotels in Tel Aviv are located and make your way south along the promenade.

Nahlat Binyamin Artist Market

Not far from HaCarmel market there is a colorful artist market open on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is a great place to shop for gifts, handmade jewelry, hand crafted toys, and many other one of a kind items.

The above mentioned markets are in no way all which Tel Aviv has to offer, there are antique markets, many indoor markets in malls and shopping center and even a “diamond market”,  the Tel Aviv diamond exchange or diamond burse.

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