tel-aviv night life

tel-aviv night life

Tel Aviv, One of the World’s Best Nightlife Destinations

If you’re a party animal or just out to have some good time while visiting Tel Aviv you’ll be happy to learn that on top of all that this unique,  friendly,  seaside metropolis has to offer during the day, Tel Aviv nightlife scene is quite simply outstanding!
Whatever your night out preferences may be you’ll find that there is plenty for you to choose from. We’ve gathered for you some pointers which will help you make the most of your stay in Tel Aviv – the Israeli version of a city which never sleeps, one which makes most other such sleepless cities pale in comparison.

When and How

Before we start on hotspot recommendations there are a few technicalities you should be aware of. Nightlife in Tel Aviv starts up later than you may expect. While in many cities nightclubs begin filling up as early as 8pm, Israelis rarely leave home and head out to a club or bar before 10pm. Things only begin to get busy around midnight, a hot club’s dance floor may become really crowded only at 2am. So, take your time, rest up at your urban hotel in Tel Aviv and be prepared to get back way past dawn.

Getting there is not an issue, bars and clubs are scattered all over the city but there are clusters of  Tel Aviv nightlife activity. Beach hotels in Tel Aviv are walking distance away from many cool seaside bars. Some boutique hotels are also strategically located, both D.B hotels, the Savoy and BY14, are right at the heart of things.
If it’s too far to walk you may decide to use a “green bike” (city bicycles for hire). A cab can pick you up from any hotel in Tel Aviv and it’s never more than a few minutes’ drive to the bar or club of your choice.

The drinking age in Israel is 18, minimum age to enter clubs varies, some clubs choose limits as high as 25. In Tel Aviv the attitude of club doormen towards tourists is generally relaxed so you should have no trouble getting in.

NightLife Sarona 300x225 Tel Aviv NightlifeClubs and Bars Around Rothschild Boulevard

The area around the southern tip of Rothschild boulevard, one of Tel Aviv’s main boulevards, is literally crammed with great bars and clubs, some refreshingly unique. Just to name a few, the veteran “Herzel 16” featuring regular live music concerts, the Penguin underground nightclub, “Lima Lima” a popular dance bar, the “Breakfast Club” one of Tel Aviv’s most well know nightclubs, a legendary gay bar called “Evita”, numerous bars with live DJ sets, others with nightly live music, clubs which attract world renowned DJs, all these and more are located in an area of less than one square kilometer.

The City Center

Dizingof, King George and Ibn Gabirol are three streets marking the very center of Tel Aviv. Not surprisingly all three are lined with nightlife attractions such as the “Beer Garden”,  “Toma” (famous for its all you can drink offer), “Otto”, “Hamezeg” Greek theme bar, “Ozen” bar featuring nightly live music concerts, and many more.

Other areas where many clubs and bars are to be found are the beachfront and the old Tel Aviv port. There are also hotspots located in more remote areas, such as the famous “Zappa” in the northerly “Ramat Hayal” neighborhood or “Barby club” in the far south end of Kibbutz Galuyot street.

Many hotels in Tel Aviv are located on or near the beachfront, among them boutique hotels such as the Savoy and large intercontinental ones such as the Carlton, Dan Panorama and the Hilton. Beach hotels in Tel Aviv combine proximity to both day time and night time attractions. However, no matter where in Tel Aviv you are staying it is easy to enjoy the city’s bustling nightlife scene, all you need do is get out there and hit some bars and clubs.

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