Tel Aviv Theaters

Tel Aviv Theaters

Tel Aviv Theaters

If you’re visiting Tel Aviv you should know that aside from the lovely beaches, sizzling night life and diverse shopping venues there are also several theaters well worth mentioning. This means a chance to grab a show, something which appeals to most guests staying in a boutique hotel Tel Aviv. If you are a fan of the theater, we’ve gathered for you some information about Tel Aviv’s most well known theaters, all in order to help you consider whether or not to check out what shows are being played at the time of your visit.

It is easy to find accommodation in Tel Aviv, there is no shortage of Tel Aviv hotels, and you may find that you are staying not far from a theater where a show you will enjoy is playing. Theaters in Tel Aviv show orginal Israeli productions as well as international hits and classics, including musicals. In most theaters English subtitles are provided regularly.

Habima, Israel’s National Theater

Tel Aviv is home to Israel’s national theater, Habima. Habima was founded even before Israel gained Independence. It is Israel’s most veteran theater, having been constantly active, staging high Tel Aviv theaters optimised 2 300x225 Tel Aviv Theatersquality performances, since 1912. Habima is a well respected theater which puts on a diverse array of plays, from international hits such as “the Merchant of Venice” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” to original Israeli productions which address local issues, the Israeli – Palestinian conflict among them.
Location of Habima is strategically closed for staying in Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv near the beach are within walking distance from it.
Tickets to plays at Habima range from 200 to 400 NIS, many plays feature English subtitles.

HaCameri Theater

Another Israeli theater held in high regard is the Cameri Theater. Like Habima, it too is located in a central part of the city, not far from the Azreili towers. This means that many Tel Aviv hotels are in close proximity, although guests at hotels in Tel Aviv near the beach will need to take a cab. The Cameri theater is well acclaimed for its contribution to Israel’s culture scene, many highly successful original Israeli productions . The Cameri also stages modern, international plays and musicals, tickets cost between 130 to 300 NIS.

Beit Lessin Theater

Beit Lessin theater stages plays at three different venues, all situated near the city center. This well known Israeli theater stages mostly contemporary, international productions. It also features original productions and even children’s plays. Beit Lessin theater hosts a yearly open stage festival where upcoming playwrights get a chance to have their work shown.

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Jaffa Theater

Even if your searched for” accommodation Tel Aviv” or “Tel Aviv hotels” and are staying in the city itself don’t miss out on visiting Jafa, the ancient city at the south western tip of Tel Aviv. Catching a show at the Jaffa theater is a unique experience, Jewish and Arab actors work together and put on a wide variety of plays. Tickets to plays at the Jaffa theater are relatively cheap (so far as theater tickets go), and range between 100 – 200 NIS.

Gesher Theater and Tzavta Theater

Both Gesher theater and Tzavta theater are smaller than Tel Aviv’s leading theatrical institutions but both have a lot to offer theater fans. At these theaters private theater groups put on plays which may range from avant-garde to mainstream, several hit plays from these theaters have earned international acclaim.

Tmuna Fringe Theater

True theater buffs are always on the lookout for unique productions, at Tel Aviv’s Tmuna theater such plays are exactly what you’ll find. Beside plays you can enjoy music concerts, dance shows and even poetry readings. At any Tel Aviv beach hotel the staff will gladly help you check out what’s playing at the Tmuna theater during your visit.

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